Head of Department Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Food Engineering at the University of Erciyes. Food Engineering is a scientific field that deals mainly with the production and distribution of safe and high quality food. Physical, chemical and biological properties of food starting from farm to the fork are studied using tools of chemistry, microbiology, engineering and other basic sciences. Improvement in the quality of food, development of a new food products or processing methods are the some examples of the activities of a food engineer. In recent years, the importance of food engineering is steadily increasing due essentially to demand for processed food by modern society. In our department we perform education and research regarding quality and safety of food. Our faculty conducts research on food science and technology and educates students to meet the requirements of food industry.

Our educational objectives are to teach and train the graduates with knowledge of basic engineering applicable to the food industry. We also cooperate with government and industry to provide technical information and assistance. Our graduates could find careers in the areas of such as food processing industry, consulting, teaching, technical sales and service, management, inspection, product development provided by governmental agencies or private sector. I hope you will enjoy your new department and have productive and rewarding time. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at (dogan@erciyes.edu.tr) .  

Best wishes.  

Professor Dr. Mahmut DOĞAN

Chair of Food Engineering Department