Mission Vision


Erciyes University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering has both undergraduate and graduate education. Our mission; To create new inventions, to develop new technologies and to train next-generation Material Engineers and Academicians who can offer new approaches to problems in industrial and academic fields. In this direction, a broad education curriculum is being followed in our department to begin with undergraduate education. The interdisciplinary curriculum supports the theoretical underpinnings of science and engineering practices and the links between the production processes involved in applications such as nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, surface engineering, polymer science, transport mechanisms, thermodynamics, as well as enabling our students to work at advanced levels. Our in-department motivation is based on the theoretical and practical training we have given and the fact that our students have strong knowledge that they may need in professional research and training to focus on "material" after graduation.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is a discipline in which life and production are in one, and the progress and development that is realized directly affects our lives. For this reason, VISION is to become an educational institution to be shown as an example in the field that provides education at international level, produces new technologies with domestic and foreign industry and academic partnerships, and enables the publication and implementation of these technologies.